Bespoke Showreel Filming

Bespoke Showreel Filming

All of us at Big Frog Films spent an enjoyable day acting and filming some custom showreel scenes with the talented Mr John Aubrey.

It’s another service we offer that is great fun for all involved.

If you are a budding actor looking for some material to showcase your talents then we can help. We write a series of bespoke scenes where you are the key player, we provide supporting actors, the locations, and it is all professionally filmed in a variety of styles suited to each scene.

Of course this isn’t restricted to just those wanting to add to their acting portfolio. Anyone who fancies the idea of acting and having a series of short scenes filmed to show for it is welcome.
Think of it a bit like a unique Red Letter Day experience.

Contact us for more details. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how affordable it is.

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