Bristol Balloon Festival – August 2017

Bristol Balloon Festival 2017

Who says the Big Frog team never get out and just relax and enjoy a couple of days out? We took a couple of days off to go to the Bristol Balloon Festival down in, you guessed it – Bristol.

Day One

No balloons were launched on the Thursday, it was just too windy, though plenty were inflated and tethered. Then as dusk fell into the inky darkness of night we had the magic of the ‘nightglow’.
A music and poetry (such that it was!) extravaganza where the flames of the burners illuminated the inflated balloons like multi-coloured lightbulbs.
You can see the events captured by our very own Mr Buckley on this YouTube link here – Bristol Balloon Festival Nightglow

With Nigel shooting video, Mark concentrated on stills photography – because even on ‘days off’ they can’t help themselves. The need to film and photograph is so deeply ingrained.

It was a late night, made far later than it should have been by the appalling car park organisation. Taking an hour to exit an event is quite ridiculous, but that is a minor gripe. However we eventually got to our overnight accommodation and managed to snatch a few hours sleep.

Day Two

The following morning we were up even before it would be classed as ‘bright and early’ as it was still dark.
The conditions were looking excellent for the dawn launch. This was good news indeed. The opportunity to see many of the balloons take to the skies could not be missed.

Again Nigel shot video and Mark enjoyed capturing stills.
The stills have been shared on our FaceBook page but the video on our YouTube channel can be seen here – Bristol Balloon Festival Dawn Launch

Overall it was a great photographic and filming experience.
So what do we do next year?
Why not contact us and let us know your thoughts.

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