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Does your business have a promotional video?

If not, why not? Do your competitors have one?

In today’s fast paced business environment the need to have a striking website and an appealing social media presence has never been more critical to ongoing success. Impressing internet visitors and winning business from potential clients has never been more important.

A crucial part of this is having a high quality, professionally made, promotional video. And this video should be considered an integrated part of your marketing strategy.

What about online training courses? These sort of features, created with high production values, are proven to tempt visitors to employ your services.

Of course don’t underestimate the value of having great photographs too.
Impressive images that showcase your product lines, shots of your premises, and don’t forget friendly pictures of your staff.
This all combines to show your business to best effect and gives you that essential edge over competitors.

This is why our professional video and photography media services are increasingly in demand.

Collaborative Teamwork

Working closely with each client we produce results precisely tailored to their business requirements.

In fact, right from initial discussions all the way through to the delivery of the finished feature or photographs, this collaborative teamwork helps build excellent long-term relationships.
We love working with new customers, however repeat business from existing clients is testament to our high standard of work.

And it doesn’t matter whether your project is large or small, we can help.
The Big Frog team are highly skilled in videography and photography, as you would expect. However they also have backgrounds in professional Project Management too. A comforting thought for many clients.

Styles That Work

We have already produced a diverse range of material and continue to do so.

From promotional videos in a wide variety of styles, appealing product images and engaging staff photos, exciting video logs and even bespoke short comedies.

We know the formulas that work but are not afraid to embrace new and exciting creative styles too.
If you have an idea for promoting your business through film or photography then we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us today for an informal chat – we know you will be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective this solution can be.

Our list of satisfied clients is growing constantly and includes those shown below.

Work Examples


These are just a few varied examples of our work. Click on the links to play the videos.

Product Photography.

Shown below are a few different examples of our product photography.
Many are deliberately clear and functional in style which makes them ideal for product catalogues. However it is nice to get a bit more creative and artistic at times.

Vetech automotive spares and accessories collection
Motherboard Minichamps BMW 2002 Pyrex Collection
Foldable GoElectro electric scooter Car alternator BMW 100 amp product image tissot-800

We are constantly adding to our portfolio of clients and product shots so please check back for more and alternative examples.
Alternatively, feel free to call us to discuss your vision of how you would like your products presented.

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