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Bespoke Music Videos

Let It Be – Keri Whip
We love working with music artists and rising star Keri Whip is always an absolute pleasure to work with, as well as being a great songwriter and fantastic singer. We planned the shoot from start to finish, taking care of everything from location, props, set design etc. The end result is a music video to be proud of sharing everywhere.

If you’re a music artist in need of an awesome video come and have a chat with us. We cater for all genres and can work with all budgets, from teeny-tiny upwards. 

Custom Showreels

Four Stories
Are you an actor looking for something special that’s focused on you to add to your showreel? Maybe you’re not an actor (yet) and simply like the idea of trying it and having a record of what you’ve done? A bit like a Red Letter Day experience.

With our Custom Showreel video package, the team at Big Frog Films will write and film up to 4 different stories with you that will showcase your talents.
We’ve made the cost as affordable as possible, but a lot depends on what you want to do. It costs nothing to talk to us though, and we’d love to hear from you.

Film Production

Penny For The Guy
This short horror film was written by local author and Big Frog member Carla Kovach, and produced by Big Frog Films. It stars members of Big Frog as well as local actors and extras, and was filmed on location in Redditch. Since completion it had success on the film festival circuit and attracted the attention of a Producer in the USA.

The story has now been expanded and made into a full length feature film, combing elements of supernatural horror with a crime thriller, and is currently in post-production.

Video Blogging

VLogging in the Big Frog Studio
Do you want to keep in touch with your fan base? Maybe you want to start a series of video blogs but need something more professional than a phone in the bedroom. Perhaps you like the idea of recording against a green screen so that any background can be put behind you?

Whatever your reasons, Big Frog Films can help you. We have a variety of backdrops, a green screen wall in the studio, multiple cameras for different angles, professional sound recording equipment and all the correct lighting.

Why not chat with us about what you want to do?


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