New Music Video with Keri Whip

Keri Whip at the Norbury Theatre

More fun and excitement this week as we spent time with local superstar Keri Whip at the Norbury Theatre. Keri has a new song coming out and we’re loving working on the music video with her.

With filming any music video you get to hear the track many times as you film different takes and angles, yet Keri’s self-penned song was one we didn’t tire of hearing.
To our ears there are some shades of Gabrielle there (a good thing) but ultimately this is all Keri’s own style – and it is superb!

Once the whole video is done you can be sure to see it both here and on our YouTube channel and on Keri’s own channel too. We can hardly wait!

You need to follow Keri Whip and her website is here

If you want a full professional music video give us a call, we’re here to help and love what we do.

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