Kingsway English Plus Rugby and Worcester Warriors

kingsway english plus rugby teenagers playing rugby

English plus Rugby?

Yes, that’s right. Improve rugby playing skills AND improve your English language too. What a great idea!

The Kingsway English Centre based in Worcester are now offering teenagers from around the world the chance to enjoy this special two week course based in the heart of England.
Being in Worcester the rugby coaching takes place at the Worcester Warriors stadium and the pitches around it. What an incredible place!

The coaches are true professionals. They know their sport and they know how to coach the young players properly. Perhaps we saw some future stars of the pitch already? There was certainly enough enthusiasm and it looked like they were all having a lot of fun.

Big Frog had great fun filming the youngsters on the pitch and really enjoyed working with all the folks at Kingsway. We really look forward to working together on many more projects.

In the meantime take a look at the finished video and we’ll let the results speak for themselves.

Kingsway English Plus Rugby

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