Photography Show 2018

Photography Show 2018 - Nigel

Photography Show 2018

Nigel and Mark enjoyed a morning out at the Photography Show at the NEC today. A bit of a ‘jolly’ I suppose, but it was a working jolly as they also recorded some video. The photo above shows Nigel ‘in action’.
You can see the resulting video here, complete with some brief reviews: Photography Show 2018

Mark took a few pics and being the resident petrolhead liked these two machines:

Photography Show 2018 - VW Gin Bar   Photography Show 2018 - Jaguar Racing Car

That VW Camper is also a mobile Bar. On the right we have a Jaguar racing car. Not sure why that was there but very cool it was in any case.

The Photography Show is always a good time and full of very tempting camera gear. So hard not to make many expensive purchases!
Luckily Mark didn’t get his credit card out at the Hassleblad stand, though both he and Nigel came very close to spending on some more Sony kit. However willpower prevailed!

Will they be so lucky next year?

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