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vapeworx shop video vapes on display

Funky Shop Video? They are the future!

A couple of weeks ago we shot some footage in the Redditch Vapeworx shop, and had a fun time doing so.
Rob, the owner, is a great guy and the shop is a really interesting place. And that’s even if you don’t vape!

The myriad of different flavours, scents, and packages available is quite stunning.
Then there are the metal signs – ideal for adorning any man (or woman) cave. We’re not sexist at Big Frog!
Sadly, neither are we sexy. But we enjoy what we’re doing and are very good at it so that’s fine with us.

Back to the shop: The bottom line is this really is the place to go if you want anything vaping related.

The video feature Big Frog Films produced runs on a flat screen display on view in the shop.
Vaping is trendy, actually smells nice, and is waaaay better than smoking. Consequently our finished article has a nice funky stylish edit to match this vibe.

Have a look by clicking on the link below.

Vapeworx Store Video

Maybe this sort of shop and product feature is something your business could use?
We know you’ll be surprised how cost effective it can be. Why not give us a call and find out.

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